About Us

Journalists for International Peace is formed, as an independent forum of the Journalists from around the globe. Any political and religious thinking or ideology does not influence it. The primary objective of its formation is, to create awareness among the people of the world, to get better global environment, to live in a harmonious global culture, while maintaining their individuality of their regional cultures and to work together for equal and better socio-economic and socio-political conditions for the all the nations, especially for poor nations, irrespective of their creeds, political and religious affiliations. The journalists , including columnists, writers, editors, reporters from any newspaper, news agency, TV, Radio, cyber news , online news etc of the world are cordially invited for free membership of this forum. The forum will issue the monthly news letters, hold seminars, workshops and devise strategies , how to create international awareness on these particular alarming issues, through media campaign. All the activities under the banner of the forum will purely be free from any influence and prejudice. The free membership is started. JIP Research and Development section has conducted various studies .